Woooo! Wings is the first nationwide delivery only restaurant that combines wrestling with handcrafted classic recipes.

Each menu item from Woooo! Wings was specifically crafted by Ric Flair and his team to put a little stylin’ and profilin’, Rolex-wearin’, diamond ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ and dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’ son of a gun into each bite.

Wings that will make you say, "Wooooo!"

KDS - Kitchen Data System

Kitchen Data Systems

Wooooo! Wings has partnered with Kitchen Data Systems, a software company which matches virtual brands with restaurants, helping not only retired Pro Wrestlers but also pizzerias throughout the United States produce more daily orders. Each order goes directly to a REAL pizzeria in your area and is cooked by their restaurant KitchPartners. With plans to work with hundreds of restaurants nationwide, Wooooo! Wings will be in every major city soon.


Have an existing restaurant and interested in becoming a Wooooo! Wings partner?